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Your Local Safe Specialist

Are you interested in getting a safe for your home or business, but aren't sure where to start? Dill Safe & Locksmith is here to help. Choose from a variety of safes from the industry's must trusted brands, including Gardall, AMSEC, Liberty and Cannon.

Secure safes

All safes are expertly installed and backed by our full guarantee for the utmost protection for your property.

  • Buy, sell, move, and repair safes

  • Fully mobile service

  • Safe openings

  • Combination changes

  • Safety deposit boxes

Discuss your safe options

Every home or business is unique, and what your needs are in a safe may be different from some elses.
Give us a call at 845-434-6590 to discuss your options.

We'll go through all of your options together, so that you always know you're getting the best fit for your home or business as well as your budget.

Is there Insurance in buying a safe?

Buying a safe is like buying insurance. You can get on the intenet and purchase CHEAP insurance for your home. You can tell your neighbors & friends you have "insurance". You can also go to a BOX STORE and by a "safe" and rest at night confident your valuables are protected in a "safe".

One day a Hurricane [tornado, fire or flood] may visit you and that is when you will know if you have real insurance.

Also, one day someone might try to break into your "safe". That is when you will know if you have a REAL SAFE. Don't buy something because of what it SAYS it is, buy it because of what it IS!

Consumers really have to be educated on safes, because every department store, office supplier, home improvement store or club warehouse store wants to sell them a cheap "SAFE" knockoff. And every crook out there is hoping if they run into a safe that it was bought at a BOX STORE.

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